Music Room Floor Plan 
1. Lecture Space
2. Teacher Desk 
3. Performance Stage 
4.  Flexible Work Zone
5. Large Instrument Storage 
6. Small Storage
The music room hosts a lecture space, performance stage, flexible work zone and plenty of storage. The space creates a range of environments that support the students whether they are working on assignments, practicing for performances or gathering as a group.
Theater Floor Plan
1. Entry 
2. Workspace 1
3. Performance area 
4. Audience
5. Girls Changing Room 
6. ADA Restroom 
7.  ADA Restroom
8. Boys Changing Room
9. Workspace 2
10. Storage
11. ADA Restroom 

The Drama room is designed to build confidence and develop language and communication skills. This space provides two work-spaces, performance area, audience, and two changing rooms. The stage is ADA accessible so that all students can perform.
Art Floor Plan
1. Entry 
2. Lecture and Groupwork
3. Teacher’s Desk
4. Lounge and Entrance to Balcony 
5.  Canvas Painting 
6. Storage

The art room is designed to be one large creative and colorful space. The room is designed for a range of ages, students can work at their desks or lay out on the indoor turf, draw outside on the balcony, and more proficient students may paint on the canvases
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